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Netflix’s most anticipated romantic drama film, “Your Lover’s Last Letter,” starring Felicity Jones and Shailene Woodley, will be released on July 23, 2021. The film has garnered decent reactions from Netflix audiences. So, if you haven’t watched the touching love story yet, what are you waiting for?

“Your Lover’s Last Letter” is one of Augustine Frizzell’s long-awaited undertakings. Coming from Esta Spalding and Nick Payne, the film is based on the popular 2012 novel by Jojo Moyes, of the same name. Jojo Moyes is also famous for his popular article “Me Before You”. “Your Lover’s Last Letter” stars Felicity Jones, Nabhaan Rizwab, Callum Turner, Shailene Woodley, and Joe Alwyn as the main characters.

“The Last Letter from Your Lover” follows the journey of a young journalist from London, who unwraps a series of love letters depicting an intense cursed affair from the 1960s. “Your Lover’s Last Letter” is a must-read for any viewers who like to watch romantic genre movies. The film is extremely well represented, its paper thin character adds intensity to the plot. The writers delivered a super intense experience of love, fantasy and romance to the audience. Its assembly of all the important charters met the expectations of viewers. Jones’ charm and presence captivated audiences, and the extraordinary love story made the film worthy of a frenzy. In summary, “Your Lover’s Last Letter” is a finely curated romantic love trip that is sure to impress audiences.

Your Lover's Last Letter - Download 2021 full movie / Watch online |  Shailene Woodley & Felicity Jones

How to Watch “Your Lover’s Last Letter” Online for Free?

“Your Lover’s Last Letter” is officially available to Netflix subscribers. The film received good marks and is now on Netflix’s list of best romantic thrillers. So if you’re a Netflix subscription holder, “Your Lover’s Last Letter” is a must-have for you this weekend. But if you don’t have a Netflix account, don’t worry, you can take advantage of the free trial option for 30 days without spending any money.

How to download the full movie “Your Lover’s Last Letter”?

If you would like to enjoy “Your Lover’s Last Letter” offline, you can now download the full movie on Netflix. Follow these steps to download and watch it offline –

Your Lover's Last Letter - Download 2021 full movie / Watch online |  Shailene Woodley & Felicity Jones

  • Step 1 – Open your Netflix app or visit the official site.
  • 2nd step – Find the movie “Your Lover’s Last Letter” via the navigation bar.
  • Step 3 – Tap the download button that looks like an arrow pointing down. You will notice a change in the button indicating that the movie is being downloaded. Wait a few minutes and let it be downloaded. Once the movie is downloaded, the download arrow will display your mobile device.

How do you watch “Your Lover’s Last Letter” that you downloaded on Netflix?

Once you have followed the steps mentioned above to download the movie, your main job is done. Now you can just go back to the movie and play it. If you are not connected to the internet, you can also go to the download bar of the Netflix app to find all your downloaded movies. Just choose the movie you want to play and enjoy it offline.

Your Lover's Last Letter - Download 2021 full movie / Watch online |  Shailene Woodley & Felicity Jones

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