You can now watch free movies on YouTube (legally)


YouTube has quietly started offering a selection of movies for free, as long as you’re ready to watch a few commercials.


YouTube has quietly started offering a selection of free movies, as long as you’re ready to watch a few commercials. Although the selection of films on offer is initially small, we expect the number and quality of films on offer to increase over time.

There have always been feature films available on YouTube. However, until now, these have either been copyright infringing downloads that have somehow bypassed YouTube’s filters, or legal downloads that you can buy or rent for real money.

How to find free movies on YouTube

Now you can watch movies on YouTube legally and without paying a dime. YouTube added its first series of ad-supported free movies in October 2018 without letting it know. But you can find the current crop under the “Free to watch” category.

As of this writing, YouTube has around 100 movies for free. This includes Terminator, Legally Blonde, Rocky, Zookeeper, and Agent Cody Banks. So it’s fair to say that there are movie classics mixed in with not-so-good family dishes.

Rohit Dhawan, Director of Product Management at YouTube, said Adage, “We saw this opportunity based on user demand, beyond the simple offering of pay movies. Can we make ad-supported movies free to the user? It also represents a great opportunity for advertisers. “

It should be noted that this appears to be only available in the United States. Everywhere else, the “Free to Watch” category is empty, and the search for specific movies that Americans can now choose to watch for free simply offers a price increase to buy or rent them. Which is disappointing.


Other free movie streaming sites

YouTube has not disclosed the terms of the deals it made to offer these movies for free. However, it is safe to assume that YouTube and studios share the revenue generated from the ads. And if enough people watch, the selection could grow over time.

YouTube isn’t the only option for ad-supported free movies. We previously detailed the best free movie streaming sites available online. This includes The Roku Channel (which is now available on the web) and Vudu’s Movies On Us.

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