Why downloading pirated movies is a bad idea


The new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson hit theaters today. However, the movie has unfortunately also been leaked on several torrent sites by online pirates.


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The film, directed by Matt Reeves, was first spotted on torrent sites yesterday. The file was a CAM print – one of the lowest quality available – which was shot in a theater using an inexpensive video camera.

Based on publicly available screenshots for these video files, one can barely recognize the images and expressions of the actors.

Torrent sites are full of fake and genuine entries of low quality video file. Some that seem remotely genuine are full of ads that spoil the viewing experience.

Some files present themselves as high definition video files, however, a little research into the file comments reveals that they are in fact infected with malware.

Why pirated movie downloads are a bad idea

For those who don’t know, downloading and sharing movies from torrent sites is illegal and punishable by law in India. Various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in India have shut down access to torrent websites for some reason.

The Batman Movie

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Moreover, many of these torrent files are infected with the most annoying and dangerous types of malware that can not only render your device unusable but also affect the security of your valuable data. Or worse, backdoor access that could force hackers to log your every move.

It goes without saying that downloading movies illegally is tantamount to stealing hard-earned money from filmmakers, which affects the chances of the movie sequel, should it happen. If a franchise or movie means a lot to you, watching an illegally downloaded bad impression is really inappropriate.

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