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Movie Whisper of the Heart (1971) online: Murmur of the Heart is a popular film from the 70s. It was released worldwide earlier on April 26, 1971, in French and Italian. This French film is based on French comedy, including drama. Director Louis Malle while working on his screenplay gave something different to the world at the time of the 70s. The main role of Clara Chevalier is played by Léa Massari.

Murmur of the Heart Movie Story (Spoiler Leaked)

The film begins with scenes from a 15 year old boy Mr. Laurent Chevalier who lives in Dijon in 1954 and loves Jazz music the most. He used to be a smart boy in his class. Within his family, he lived with his father, Mr. Charles, and a beautiful Italian mother, Clara.

Download free movie Whisper of the Heart
Whisper of the Heart Download Movie 1971: Movierulz Full HD Online

His two older brothers, Mr. Thomas and Mr. March, were notorious and usually played pranks on others. As Laurent was a teenager, he faces taboos related to masturbation. And in the meantime, during his taboo days, he finds his mother Clara meeting another man who changes his mother’s identity in his mind.

He tried to tell his brother but no one heard him. Later, to end the taboo linked to masturbation, Laurent’s brother took him to a prostitute named Freda where he lost his virginity after sleeping with Freda.

He develops more affection and attraction for girls and for sex too. After a few days, Laurent suffers from scarlet fever which makes him suffer a lot and from there, the story takes another turn.

Download movie Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the heart Full Movie trailer

After Laurent falls ill, his school teacher suggests to his mother Clara to offer him the best treatment. Then, with his mother, he visits the Sanatorium for treatment. Visiting Sanatorium, they have to live there for a few days and check into a hotel for a room. Due to an error, the hotel service only provided them with one room and shared that they had no rooms left.

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Residing inside the hotel in a room, Laurent becomes interested in two girls, Daphne and Hélène. He offers Helene to sleep with him but she refuses, declaring that she is a lesbian. To overcome his sexual desire and having no choice but Daphne, he tries to convince another girl, Miss Daphne. Before convincing Daphne, Lauren finds her mother Clara inside the tub and later finds her dating her lover.

Her mother came back very drunk and frustrated after breaking up with her lover. While feeling great frustration, Clara finds herself comfortable with her son, and that night, her drunkenness causes her to fall into sex with her son.

Scene from the movie Whisper of the Heart
Murmur of the Heart Movie 1971 Leaked Online On Movierulz For Free Download

In the morning, he insists that his son forget everything they have done. And then the story ends by showing Laurent insisting that Daphne have sex.

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Download movie Whisper of the Heart
Whisper of the Heart Full Movie Details (Cast | Crew | Release Date | Review)

Whisper of the Heart Full Movie Details (Cast | Crew | Release Date | Review)

Series name Whisper of the Heart (1971)
Release date April 28, 1971
Gender French dramatic comedy
Director Louis Malle
Writer Louis Malle
Distributed by Orion Classics
Edited by Suzanne Baron
Producer Vincent Malle
Claude Nedjar
Full cast Lea Massari. Benoît Ferreux, Daniel Gélin, Michael Lonsdale, Ave Ninchi, Fabien Ferreux, Marc Winocourt, Micheline Bona, Henri Poirier, Gila von Weitershausen
Production company New Film Editions
Marianne Productions
Cinematic videos
Franz Seitz Filmproduction
Cinematography Ricardo Aronovitch
Music by Sidney Bechet
Gaston Freche
Charlie Parker
Henry Renaud
Box office collection US$1.1 million
Duration 118 minutes
Official language French

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