Where to stream The Exorcist (how to watch the movie online)


stranger things season 4 part 1 is here! The first batch of episodes of the final season are now streaming on Netflix. This is the scariest and most violent season of the series. In fact, many of the events we see in the first part of the final season remind us of one of the best horror movies of all time, The Exorcist.

Spoiler alert! Please note that there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched yet. stranger things season 4. Stream the first seven episodes now on Netflix before reading on.

Now one thing we love strange things, must be their reference from the 80s. Must love nostalgia! We’ve heard from old musical favorites, iconic movies and more! Watching stranger things always ends up going to Google to search for an 80s reference. In season 4, not only The Exorcist mentioned in one episode, but the way Vecna ​​kills its victims is suspiciously similar to the demonic possession featured in The Exorcist. So if you’re a horror fan and fancy watching the iconic horror movie after stranger things season 4 part 1, we’ve got you covered.

Where to stream The Exorcist movie online

It’s not easy to know where (or when) to stream our favorite movies. There are so many streaming platforms and it’s hard to know which service has the rights. Fortunately, for our readers, one of the things Hidden Remote covers is where to stream movies, no need to search for the movie on every platform.

Horror’s favourite, The Exorcist, which premiered in 1973, is streaming on Netflix. That’s right, the same place where stranger things is streaming. It’s nice to have both under one service. If you’re in a serious horror mood, Netflix also has The conjuration, the rite, and The ring. Good viewing!

stranger things season 4 part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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