Where is the new Lana Condor movie streaming?


Rarely have the genres of romantic comedy and sci-fi overlapped in the past, but “Moonshot” changes that. In the universe of this movie, Mars was terraformed and colonized by Earth’s smartest humans, and Earth in turn became the repository for all of Mars’ trash.

Introducing new concepts like algal waste reduction, quantum splicing and more, “Moonshot” takes place on Earth, space and Mars. The cast is filled with veterans like Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor, as well as new actors and actresses like Mason Gooding and Michelle Buteau.

For fans of all the actors and actresses above, here’s how to watch “Moonshot”:

When does “Moonshot” air?

“Moonshot” debuted on Thursday, March 31.

Where is the “Moonshot” stream?

“Moonshot” is streaming exclusively on HBO Max and is not playing in theaters. It is an HBO Max Original Movie.

What is “Moonshot” about?

Walt wants nothing more than to be accepted into the Mars colonization program because he wants to explore space and have adventures. But 36 denied applications later, he is forced to graduate from college and look for another job. When his 37th request is refused, he meets Sophie, a student still in college who prefers to stay on earth.

Sophie’s boyfriend of eight years, Calvin, is currently living on Mars with his parents, but he and Sophie have planned for him to return after a year. Calvin eventually gets a job on Mars, which means their long-distance relationship has become more complicated. Sophie is torn between wanting to stay on Earth and improve the declining environment and reconnect with her boyfriend. Walt convinces Sophie to buy a ticket, which he doesn’t have enough money for since it costs almost a million dollars, but he goes along with the launch without letting her know his true intentions.

Once on Mars, Sophie and Walt are forced to spend a lot of time together, and soon Sophie finds herself in a veritable love triangle.

'Moonshot' cast and character guide: Who stars in the HBO Max Sci-Fi rom-com?

Who is in the cast of “Moonshot”?

Cole Sprouse stars as Walt. Lana Condor plays the role of Sophie. Mason Gooding plays Calvin, Sophie’s boyfriend.

Zach Braff plays eccentric billionaire Leon Kovi, who made the trip to Mars possible. Lukas Gage plays Walt’s roommate. Michelle Buteau plays Captain Tartar, who pilots the spaceship from Earth to Mars through an asteroid belt. Emily Rudd plays Ginny. Christine Adams plays Calvin’s mother, Jan. Comedian Cameron Esposito also has a small role.

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