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A fantastic scientific animated film – “Belle”, has been the talk of the Internet in recent days. Belle is the futuristic version of the famous French title “La Belle et la Bête”. The animated film also premiered at the Cannes film festival in July 2021. For those wondering where to watch Belle online, this streaming guide will help.

Belle is one of the most anticipated anime, directed by Mamoru Hosoda. For the uninitiated, Mamoru Hosoda is one of the most acclaimed Japanese animated filmmakers. With movies like The Girl Who Jumped Back in Time, The Boy and the Beast, and Mirai under her name, Hosoda has become a hugely popular name in the anime world.

What is Belle talking about?

As mentioned earlier, Belle is a futuristic take on the classic Beauty and the Beast. The film’s plot revolves around Suzu Naito, a seventeen-year-old high school student living in Kochi Prefecture in Japan. Meanwhile, Belle offers a meta-like VR world called “U”, which anyone on earth can join. The VR-U world automatically generates avatars for anyone who enters it based on their biometric information.

While Suzu is a not so popular girl who likes living alone in the real world; however, in Virtual Reality-U, Suzu is a world famous singer. Also, where Suzu struggles to face people in real life, in U, she speaks freely.

The plot of the animated film Belle is a satire of today’s generation, where everyone is comfortable in its online versions. Plus, where everyone is comfortable in their online avatars rather than the real world. Belle makes it clear why Oscar-nominated Mamoru Hosoda is such a beloved personality in the anime world.

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Where to watch Belle online?

Now let’s get to the part that most of you desperately need to know. As the film is released in the United States on January 14and, 2022, in IMAX theaters, there is no information on watching the film online. For those wondering if Belle is on Netflix, it isn’t.

As of now, the movie doesn’t have a release schedule for any online platform, including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix. The only option for now is to watch the movie in theaters; that too, only in the United States. There is still no information on a worldwide release date for Belle.

Additionally, TOHO Animation, the producer of Belle, has not released any statements regarding the film’s worldwide release or its release on an OTT platform. Finally, since the movie will take some time to be released online, we encourage our readers not to use any illegal means to stream Belle online.

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