“Venus” is a must-see movie, streaming soon on Revry


If you’re looking for a refreshing queer movie, look no further than Venussoon to be broadcast on Revry TV.

This unique and powerful story will have you laughing, smiling and crying in equal measure.

And it will soon be available to stream on Revry Television.

Venus: “A comedy that crosses cultures with a transgender touch”

“I am out of this world. Otherwise, how can I explain how strange I feel on this planet and in my own skin? My body is a costume that I can’t take off. I must have landed here from Venus

So begins the opening of this heartwarming and empowering story told by filmmaker Eisha Marjara.

Venus is a refreshing take on queer and trans stories often told through a very white narrative in Hollywood.

Sid comes from a very traditional South Asian family.

In the midst of trying to figure each other out, Sid is pressured to provide grandchildren for the family, Sid unaware that the problem is about to be solved.

In a touching and empowering moment, Sid reveals to their family that she is a transgender woman, but it’s not long before this story takes an interesting turn.

Arriving on the doorstep of Sid’s family home is fourteen-year-old Ralph, Sid’s biological son of whom Sid had no knowledge.

Thus begins a complicated story that is treated with beauty, care, grace and a little humor.

Sid and Ralph must figure out their new relationship for the rest of their lives.

As Ralph and Sid hook up, Ralph still hasn’t told his mother about his new discovery.

Meanwhile, Sid must navigate their relationship with her boyfriend Daniel who never expected to be a step-parent anytime soon.

And of course Sid’s parents now have to accept their new daughter and grandson.

Gender, generations and cultures collide in this carefully woven and uplifting story that is a must-watch for all.

Venus airs at 7:10 p.m. PST/US time on Thursday, March 31 on International Transgender Day of Visibility on Revry TV.

Soon after, it will be available to stream on Revry.

revry is a 100% LGBTIQA+ streaming service now available in Australia.

Go to www.revry.tv to watch today or download the app on your smartphone or Apple TV today.

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