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Here is everything we currently know about the Unexplored streaming movie release date. The film adaptation of Sony’s popular action-adventure series was released on February 18 in the US and countries like the UK, but many fans who don’t want to go to the theater want to know when the film will be released. Uncharted airs. , and or. Will the Uncharted movie be on HBO Max or Disney Plus? What about Netflix or Amazon Prime?

When is the Uncharted movie streaming release date?

The Uncharted movie will likely start streaming around April 4 on Netflix, which is 45 days after the film’s US theatrical release date of February 18, with a Disney Plus release likely a few months later. At the moment, however, no specific date regarding the streaming release of the Uncharted film has been announced, so this is only an estimate. When Uncharted releases in February, it will be an exclusively theatrical release in all countries.

Last year, Sony Pictures signed a deal with Netflix and Disney Plus to bring the studio’s slate of films from 2022 to 2026 to popular streaming services. The deal is that Netflix will get the rights to the movies from Sony first, and then Disney Plus will get them after they finish streaming them on Netflix. This doesn’t include Tom Holland’s other recent film Spider-Man: No Way Home, as that launched in 2021 and will therefore go to Starz first, but Uncharted is included.

Therefore, Uncharted will first launch on Netflix in about two months and then on Disney Plus later in the year. Uncharted won’t stream on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Starz, Paramount Plus, or any other streaming service — at least, not in the US, though things may be different in other countries.

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