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Netflix fans have probably already noticed that the streamer has implemented another price hike in 2022, less than a year after its previous increase. The basic plan (without HD) is now $10, the standard plan is $15.50, and the plan that includes 4K is now $20. This makes Netflix one of the most expensive services at the start of 2022, especially if you choose an option with a higher resolution.

If you’re looking to cut monthly costs, that makes Netflix an attractive candidate for the chopping block – but we know you don’t want to give up that streaming quality entirely. So let’s take a look at some great streaming options that are cheaper than Netflix but still offer plenty to love, especially if you have your eye on certain series or genres.

Free is definitely cheaper than Netflix fees, right? Peacock is notable because its basic version is completely free – you don’t get access to all of NBC’s content, but you can watch plenty of it, including popular shows you may have missed. It’s also one of the only apps where you can watch favorites like Parks and Recreation, Office, modern family, and others. If you want to unlock everything, including live events like NBC sports games, it’s only $5.99 per month. It’s much cheaper than Netflix.

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Discovery+ is home to a wealth of content that will amaze viewers who have never checked out the service before. Its specialty is real-life television, including documentaries, specials, nature series, and even the occasional reality show. So if you like to unwind watching a cooking show, a home makeover episode, an antique adventure, a ghost hunt, a true crime episode or a historical documentary, this is the place for you. There are also some great deals for Discovery+ right now, like 50% off your first year, but we don’t know how long these will last, so you might want to look now.

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Paramount+ is a unique combination of popular movies and shows from well-known channels like CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, BET, etc. If you like browsing popular titles and finding something the whole family can enjoy, this is one of the best services at this price. Pay for the premium version and you lose the ads while winning live CBS sporting events.

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Not to be confused with the actual Apple TV box, TV+ is Apple’s own streaming service. Don’t let this one slip away: while content is still limited, TV+ has some very popular new series, including Ted Lasso, The morning show, mythical quest, and more titles you’ll love to binge. There are also a number of original films and perfectly made documentaries to check out. If you bundle it with other Apple services you use, you also have the opportunity to save even more.

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Hulu is an interesting catch-all for a wide variety of shows, including content from the current season, and has developed its own original content with some success, including The Handmaid’s Tale, Only murders in the building, and how i met your father. Along with shows from FX, ABC, FOX, USA, and more, Hulu also has a number of highly acclaimed movies, ideal for seeing what the buzz is all about for titles like Parasite Where nomadland. It also has live events including live concerts that you can check out. The downside of the cheap cost is that the basic plan includes ad breaks. Also, remember that Hulu is also owned by Disney, so it tends to have some of the best package options. That’s especially true if you cut the cable and want a sports app, because you can get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ (which includes live gaming) for $20 a month, the same as the 4K plan from Netflix.

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Disney+ is significantly cheaper than Netflix for the higher resolution options and has some wildly popular content you can’t easily get elsewhere, making it a great choice if you haven’t tried the service yet. Keep in mind that you won’t just get Disney and Pixar content here: you also get everything. star wars content, nearly all Marvel content (excluding only the very latest movies), and National Geographic titles. We probably don’t need to say that Disney+ is a great choice for kids too, and with original shows like Loki and The Mandalorian, there are more reasons than ever to put the app on your binge list.

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STARZ might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to affordable streamers, but the service has kept its prices stable while Netflix has gone up, officially making it cheaper in 2022. STARZ remains a great place to pick up movies of all kinds, past and present, so it’s a bargain for movie buffs, but don’t overlook the show deals either: you can watch Foreigner, Upper Town, Black Sails, Ash vs Evil Dead, and many more series here, from award winners to cult classics.


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