The time for popcorn is over | Pirated Movie Streaming App Broken For Good?


Popcorn Time, a popular app that was once very popular for making pirated movies very easy for viewers to watch as they would with Netflix, has finally been shut down. The original developers discontinued the service and abandoned the project just days after its initial launch in 2014.

Popcorn Time Left as an open source project

According to Engadget’s story, since the project was left open source, other developers easily picked up where Popcorn Time left off. In addition, he has been killed and revived several times since his conception.

Whether Popcorn Time will go away for good remains to be seen. At the moment, however, it seems the biggest contributor to its own most recent demise is actually the waning interest in the app itself.

Decline in “Popcorn Hour” searches

On the app’s website, the developers posted a graph that showed “popcorn hour” research over the past seven years. Although the app was extensively researched in the month after its initial launch in 2015, the graph showed a fairly marked drop in interest by the year 2016.

At one point, her popularity continued to decline and never really recovered after that. It was at least based on Engadget’s observation of Popcorn Time’s performance on Google Trends.

Announcement of its closure

According to Bloomberg, the group behind Popcorn Time announced its shutdown in a real email. While they didn’t mention whether law enforcement action was a factor in their final decision to shut down the app this time around, the site has already had some run-ins with the law.

The original version could have been shut down after authorities finally got involved. What’s more, Hollywood studios have even sued individual users who allegedly downloaded and shared copies of films illegally.

Popcorn Time Developers Say They Are Not Responsible

The developers associated with Popcorn Time had previously explained that they were not responsible for the ongoing hack. This is because the service does not actually host any content.

Instead, Popcorn Time relies on a special peer-to-peer sharing system. It only allows certain users to access content hosted on other people’s computers.

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Netflix has warned investors about popcorn time

According to the Bloomberg article, in 2015, Netflix warned its investors about the rise of Popcorn Time during its financial report. In that report, Reed Hastings, the CEO of the company, noted that piracy continues to be one of Netflix’s “biggest competitors”.

With Popcorn Time gone, other sites are providing ways for users to download or stream pirated movies online. However, it is still unclear whether users will see Popcorn Time again in the future.

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