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These days, it’s incredibly easy to torrent, stream, or download movies for free.

Yes, streaming any movie for free is illegal, but with the accessibility of free movies and seemingly harmless, students – or anyone for that matter – can enjoy using these websites without any risk. major.

For us students, this is a viable option. If we’re not going to spend our money on the movies, why pay to buy or rent a movie when these movies are available in HD on countless websites?

Some websites even offer movies that are currently in theaters in high quality.

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For moviegoers like me, there is now a moral dilemma. I want to support the filmmakers I love by paying for their films, but in my current state I don’t have the money to keep up with the number of films I watch.

I see any highly anticipated movie in theaters and that’s how I show my support, but then I’m not going to buy it on Apple TV, Blu-Ray, or On Demand.

Chris Stuckmann and other respected film critics will stress the importance of helping filmmakers and the industry make money – and they should. It’s really cool that Chris Stuckmann is reviewing the movies in the room that has his Blu-Ray collection on his YouTube channel.

Maybe once I have a legitimate job in the real world, I can organize my own Blu-Ray collection or find some other way to consistently support the film industry, but I’m not at it yet. this stage.

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One of the biggest issues with using these free websites is that high quality independent movies that nobody sees in theaters will really struggle to make any money unless they make it to Netflix. , Hulu or HBO.

Fortunately, Netflix continues to expand its movie selection and increasingly welcomes quality independent movies. If Netflix, Hulu, and HBO continue to dominate and grow, they could possibly have all the movies you need to see.

What streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have on shady free movie websites is the ability to find out. With personalized recommendation features, you will come across movies that you might not have watched otherwise and because you’ve tried Netflix recommendations, you might find your new favorite movie.

During the winter break I watched “A Ghost Story” on Netflix because of the recommender feature and now it’s my all time favorite movie. No one I knew had seen the movie, so without Netflix I might never have watched it because I wouldn’t have been able to search for it on a free movie site.

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What streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO can’t compete with is the fact that these free movie sites get Oscar-nominated movies either while they’re in theaters or before they go. digitally come out to be rented or purchased.

So for anyone looking to keep up with awards season and see the movies critics loved, these sites offer tremendous value.

Most of the time, big movies get to these sites quickly, as voting members get copies of the movies before their actual release and many of those copies end up in the hands of other people before they are finally uploaded to the site. Web.

Any shady free movie website is likely to leave a virus on your phone or laptop. So users need to click harmful ads fast or equip their device with the best ad blocking and virus protection software.

The best solution to avoid this harm is to buy or use a virtual private network (VPN).VPNs create a private tunnel connection with the site you are using so that no third party can affect your experience with that site.

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If you use free movie sites, there are a few you should avoid.,, and Putlocker are just a few to watch out for.

Not only are these sites at a good risk of infecting your device, but you also won’t get quality copies of the movies you want to watch. often has versions where someone sits at the cinema and records the movie on a camera.

Nobody wants to watch this. has a wobbly interface and clicking anything at any point on this site could lead to malware.

Putlocker was much more popular than it is today and has been around for a few years. It has run its course after being taken apart and put back in place a few times and now there are plenty of cleaner alternatives out there that don’t run the risk of shutting down.

Popcorn Time – although shady in the past – and 123 Movies have both proven to be quality alternatives to some of the sites above, with clean interfaces posing less risk for viruses or any sort of malware.

Free movie streaming is such a fascinating phenomenon because it is such an easy to commit and inconsequential illegality, but with Netflix continuing to grow to be more personalized, there may not be a need to stream. free movies with how much Netflix can pack for a small monthly fee.

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