Sony unveils ‘PlayStation Plus Video Pass’, which appears to offer free movies


A landing page for something called “PlayStation Plus Video Pass” briefly appeared on Sony’s official Polish website earlier today.

As first reported by Video Games Chronicle, the now-deleted page described the Video Pass as follows:

“A new benefit available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active from 04.22.21 to 04.22.22. The subscription benefit is available for PS Plus users in Poland.

No further details were provided, although the page showed three films: Venom, Zombieland: double tap and Bloodshot.

What’s remarkable about this is that all three films are produced by Sony’s film division. Therefore, it looks like PlayStation Plus Video Pass would offer free access to some Sony movies, in addition to the free games that PlayStation Plus currently offers each month.

It’s also worth noting that Sony is removing the ability to buy and rent movies and TV shows on PlayStation in August, so Video Pass could be intended to be positioned as an alternative, of sorts.

At the very least, Sony is leveraging its film catalog – which also includes the Spider Man, Jumanji and Bad Boys franchises – could be a way to add more value to PS Plus amid stiff competition from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Sony also owns the Funimation anime streaming service, which could, hypothetically, also be used for Video Pass.

However, adding video content to PlayStation Plus wouldn’t really be a direct response to Game Pass’s biggest benefits – day one access to all first-party Xbox games and plenty of third-party titles and mobile streaming. . It also doesn’t appear to be what the rumors – as well as comments from PlayStation boss Jim Ryan – signified by Sony having an appropriate response to Game Pass.

Either way, we’ll know more about the PlayStation Video Pass if it actually goes live in Poland on April 22.

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