Scam iOS Movie Streaming Apps Have 2 Million Installs, Generate $ 6 Million In Revenue


FlickType developer Kosta Eleftheriou is warning iPhone and iPad users that the App Store contains several illegal movie streaming apps that have been trying to impersonate real streamers for months. According to the British tabloid “The Sun”, these apps use movie trailers and photo filters to deceive users. The apps also require consumers to enter codes or share the app to unlock additional features.
If that doesn’t Apple looks pretty bad, the company is taking its usual 15-30% cut on revenue from illegal movie streaming apps from users who pay for a premium subscription.

As you know, we always warn our readers that if they are about to install apps from unknown developers, checking the comments section will give them clues as to the legitimacy of those apps. Eleftheriou says illegal movie streaming apps have garnered negative reviews which have proven to be illegal. To promote illegal apps, social media influencers with “millions” of subscribers have been used.

Eleftheriou ended up suing Apple saying the company was turning to iOS copy apps and scams. He has since gone on the offensive against Apple by pointing to App Store scams. including some kids apps that turned out to have a secret online casino. Earlier this year, Eleftheriou discovered an app in the App Store called StringVPN that was making $ 1 million per month even though it was a scam.

The developer noted that “although Apple fails to control its App Store, these apps (illegal streaming of movies) have racked up over 2 million downloads and are now generating around 16,000 / day or around $ 6 million per day. year.” And Apple’s cut equates to a pretty decent share of change. Even Apple’s Eric Friedman, head of fraud and risk engineering algorithms [FEAR] unit, had nothing positive to say about app store security, calling it “bring a plastic knife to a shootout.”

Friedman (no link to this writer) also said that the App Store review process is “more like the pretty lady welcoming you … at the airport in Hawaii than the drug sniffer dog.” Browse the streaming movie apps on your iPhone and check out the app store reviews section for all. If there are any red flags for any of these apps, be sure to uninstall them immediately.

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