Samsung Adds Support for Popular Movie Streaming Tool to Smart TVs


Samsung has added support for Movies Anywhere on all smart TVs in its line, since 2017. Samsung has been the world’s largest TV maker for 15 years, so when it supports a service like Movies Anywhere, it is a pretty enthusiastic vote of confidence.

First of all, Movies Anywhere remains restricted to the United States for the time being. While it is possible to access your UK account and stream as usual, you need to have created an account in the US first. So expats should be able to keep watching… but everyone is missing for now.

For those who don’t know, Movies Anywhere is a “digital locker” that brings together your purchases from the dizzying number of digital stores available, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Store, and more. If you’ve bought a few movies from iTunes, have a few movies in your Google Play library because you used to own an Android phone and a few boxes you bought from Prime Video because you had to spend a voucher on them… you won’t have to know what movies are where.

Instead, linking these accounts to a Movies Anywhere app will allow you to stream all of those titles from the same account. No need to move between different apps. Everything you own, no matter where you bought it, is in this “digital locker”. owl, eh ?

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Currently, Movies Anywhere allows you to collect around 8,000 movies. It has the backing of some of the biggest Hollywood studios, like Walt Disney, Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures. Clearly, if you have a lot of foreign films or MGM releases… you’re out of luck right now.

The Samsung Smart TV version of Movies Anywhere has been updated to support the recently released “Watch Together” feature.

This feature, which is perfect for lockdown restrictions across the world, allows you and nine other people to stream the same movies and chat about what you are watching in a shared chat room. Samsung isn’t the first TV company to support Movies Anywhere, but it’s the biggest. The app can be installed from your Samsung TV now.

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