Redheads in UK flock to free movies after string of gift tickets for heat-vulnerable fair-skinned people


As temperatures topped 100 degrees in the UK this week, a cinema chain turned its attention to those most vulnerable to the sun: redheads.

UK Showcase cinemas have offered all natural ginger a free ticket to a movie a day, knowing that people with flamboyant hair, freckles and fair skin are more prone to sun damage than many other sectors Population.

“If you have red hair, pick up a free ticket at the cinema box office for a movie showing on Monday July 18th and/or Tuesday July 19th, get an ICEE and stay cool at Showcase,” said the chain on his Web page under the title “SPF (sun protection films)”.

A girl with red hair is watching a movie.

A girl with red hair is watching a movie. (Shutterstock/)

As if free air conditioning wasn’t enticing enough, the movie chain released a few titles.

“You can see Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Thor in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, discovering rock and roll roots in the big-screen biopic ‘Elvis’, laughing out loud with the minions in ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru,” and much more,” the theater said, adding to its instagram page, “You’re gonna want to tell your ginger friends about it.”

The announcement was well received, as a redhead who went to the theater learned and later posted it on TikTok.

Her bald father — either because they couldn’t tell his original hair color or because they deemed him even more vulnerable than his red-haired daughter — also entered.

“Is it just a room full of ginger then?” his father asked the ticket seller.

“Yes, and tomorrow,” she replied.

The ticket offering coincided with an unprecedented “red warning” from the UK Met Office for the extreme heat “likely to have widespread impacts on people and infrastructure”, as temperatures were expected to reach 106 degrees before it was all over.

Research has shown that the same genetic makeup that gives gingers alluring freckles speckling alabaster skin topped with fiery locks also makes them more prone to melanoma than their counterparts in the general population.

In fact, as Reuters described it when the study was published in the journal Nature Communications in 2016, having this genetic profile and coloring is like spending 21 years in the sun – before your skin even sees a single ray.

The timely offer saved countless redheads from the scorching heat, which hit 104.5 degrees in the east of England on Tuesday and topped the previous 2019 record of 101.7.

Few homes, small businesses or public buildings such as hospitals have air conditioning, given the country’s normal temperate and rainy climate. Showcase and other movie theaters are notable exceptions.

The heat blowing across Europe, although more intense in the UK, has sparked wildfires in Portugal, the Balkans and beyond, and killed hundreds.

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