Plex launches free movie and TV service in over 200 countries


Today, Plex launched its ad-supported free video streaming service, with a collection of thousands of movies, TV shows, concerts, and documentaries that can be streamed on any device with the Plex app, or on the Web. Available in more than 200 countries, Plex says the new service will only broadcast a third of the number of ads viewers expect from traditional broadcasters.

Plex has gradually added major studios to its list of content partners for the service, which now includes MGM, Legendary, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. The result is a list of movies and shows that go above and beyond the B movie rating you might expect. a free service, with titles such as Rain man, The Terminator, Thelma & Louise, Leave Las Vegas, Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now, and The usual suspects.

Not all titles will be available in all locations, and that’s pretty standard for any streaming service. However, the disparity between the American market and a country like Canada, for example, is great. From the list of acclaimed movies above, none were available outside of the United States at launch. Plex tells Digital Trends that it is also working on growing the global catalog and that new updates will be rolled out regularly.

The free streaming experience on Plex is sort of a departure for the company, which has traditionally focused on helping people organize and watch their collection of private movies, shows, music, and photos. . Plex users normally have to install and run a Plex server – the software that takes care of media organization as well as the reformatting necessary to ensure those movies play properly on the various devices with the Plex app installed. .

The new service (which Plex calls AVOD or “ad-supported video on demand”) does not require a Plex server. Simply open the Plex app preinstalled on your smart TV or streaming device (or download and install it for free) and start browsing the collection of movies and shows. You’ll need to create a free Plex account, but it’s quick and it doesn’t ask for any payment information.

If you already have a Plex server setup, the new content collection will appear alongside your other media in its own sidebar category. In some ways, being an existing Plex user with a personal library improves the AVOD experience from the start. Plex can analyze your personal media to get a better idea of ​​what to recommend from the ad-supported library. Other streaming services, both paid and free, have to monitor your streaming activity for days, weeks, and even months to understand what you like.

The new service joins Plex’s free news streaming service launched in 2017.

The free Plex streaming library competes with Roku’s own Roku channel, PlutoTV, IMDB Free Dive, and Sony Crackle. Plex’s biggest advantage in this race is the sheer number of devices that already support the Plex app. It’s available on every streaming device we can think of, most game consoles, a wide variety of smart TVs, and even some set-top boxes and DVRs like the Tivo Bolt.

While the future ability to add subscription streaming services alongside ad-supported free content isn’t something Plex is ready to confirm at this time, it’s pretty clear that this is the direction that it is heading. business must take as she walks away from her Plex. Membership pass for income.

You can do this already in Apple’s Roku Channel and Apple TV app, another streaming environment with strong and growing hardware support. It’s also worth noting that Plex allows Tidal subscribers to integrate this streaming service’s catalog into the Plex experience.

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