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Now you see me 2 download tamil movie nicknamed tamilrockers kuttymovies moviesda tamilyogi isaidub telegram tamilplay tamilgun In the Now, You See Me case, I went to see Now You See Me 2. The money drowned. But one thing was satisfied that there was AC in the lobby. The sun is strong outside. The business was profitable.

There was magic in the old movie. Magic was lacking in the new. We went to see the magic. returned. without seeing the magic. Whatever magic the movie is, it’s only in the words. Only old stories have been told. In the name of magic.

Now you see me studying

The riders are back. And with him came the great actor Woody Harrelson. Very few people have the best comedic timing in English films. The fun is doubled when a twin brother is also found in the film. a good bad. Just like 50-50 Britannia cookies. Also came Lizzie Kaplan. Seeing Lizzie in this movie, the “view hot photos” messages on all websites are coming very soon. It should be written somewhere.

Danielle Radcliffe is also in the film. But all the time, I kept thinking that why are they. If so, why are their voices like that? In fact, we are Indians and we have a hard time overcoming someone else’s already made form. When Rahul Dravid hits three sixes one after another in T20, his name page goes on Facebook – “I was alive when Rahul Dravid hit three six”. This is not a joke, it really is. We still see Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan. Captain Vyom to Milind Soman, the hero who kissed Emraan Hashmi. This is how Danielle is still Harry Potter. We cannot accept it any other way. Let me tell you here that I myself am a Harry Potter fan. The fan who still tags school friends in Harry Potter publications and took this Harry Potter quiz.

The two big disappointing faces of the film – Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. They are two big names. When I see them, I expect them to leave an impression. You remember Batman. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are the ones who kept Batman alive. One was his weapon and the other was his crutch. In this movie, the two are just in name. Spirit wants the two to become the leader except for Horseman, but that doesn’t happen. Mark Ruffalo is doing as usual. There is something in his face. Like to keep watching them on screen.

Director John M. Chu took care of everything but the story is very light. In order to make the characters cool, the freshness of the story has been reduced. The magic was gone with the magicians movie. The rest that is clear from the trailer itself is that the film is reaching China. The stories of all ant shunt antics only reach China. I don’t know why And yes, one more thing. The director of this film made the film keeping in mind that the film is completely his.

Whatever came to his mind, he did. It doesn’t matter whether there is logic or not. That is to say while doing it, it is necessary to think that “if you want to see then look, otherwise go home”. This is what I will show.

A shitty sequel to a good movie. Maybe it was only done because the first part was good. It was ransacked. If the story doesn’t move forward, then the story is good. The end!

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