New horror movie streaming service offers plenty of flashbacks for free


A new streaming service is helping viewers check titles on their Halloween binge lists for free. With the spooky season finally here, the new Kino Cult, a free streaming service launched by film distributor Kino Lorber, offers subscribers a library filled to the brim with hundreds of hours of horror titles, including recent releases and horror classics.

Available on, the ad-supported streaming service is completely free and gives viewers access to hundreds of titles, as the recently added A girl walks alone at night, A town called panic, Let the corpses tan, and Leakage waves. The library also includes classics like Black sunday, Black sabbath, and Metropolis, as well as documentaries including The Atomic Café, In Search of Dracula, and the showman. Other movie categories on the platform are ’70s and’ 80s Flashback, Drive-In Favorites, Occult, Hardboiled Horror, Crime and Suspense, and Mod Love, which means there is something for every fan of the movie. horror genre.

According to Kino Lorber CEO Richard Lorber, Kino Kult’s library was “built over 40 years” and brings “the darkest feelings of visionary midnight cinema to fans at home”. Lorber said in a statement to Variety Along with the vast library and their label partners, the service has “enormous potential to hyper-serve the genre audience, the most passionate of all moviegoers, with a selection of films that are both new and rare that they don’t. can be found nowhere else in incandescent HD version. ” Kino Kult, according to Lorber, allows people without the privilege of having “a great repertory theater” to access “the kind of cult gems that we can now offer for free!” ”

“Kino Lorber has regularly built up a massive library of deliciously weird cinema, and we’re excited to unveil it in one destination,” added Kino Cult curator and senior vice president Bret Wood. “And that’s just the start. Playfully organized and ever-expanding, Kino Cult is a house of cinematic entertainment where dedicated genre fans and curious viewers will find the movies they love, while still having the chance. to expand their palettes to something more exotic. “

Kino Cult is available on web and mobile devices as well as smart TVs that have access to Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and other video on demand apps. Kino Kult is expected to launch as a linear chain experiment by the end of the year. The service, however, isn’t the only streaming service that caters to the horror genre. The popular horror-focused Shudder service is priced at $ 5.99 per month, with other options like Screambox, Midnight Pulp, and Dark Matter TV. Netflix, meanwhile, is currently rolling out its own horror lineup dubbed Netflix and Chills.

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