Many public libraries now stream free movies and children’s programs thanks to Kanopy


Your public library is a great resource for free movies and TV shows. Sadly, many libraries have closed as the COVID-19 virus sweeps around the world. To help, streaming service Kanopy partners with local libraries to offer free streaming of popular movies and unlimited access to Kanopy Kids if your local library participates.

Kanopy offers an extensive collection of movies and TV shows, but to watch, your local library must offer the service. Generally, you are limited in the number of shows and movies you can watch each year. But now Kanopy has partnered with First Run Features, Samuel Goldwyn, Collective Eye Films, FilmRise, Media Education Foundation, NYX Channel, New Day Films, Oscilloscope, and Passion River Production to make many of their films credit-free as long as your local library partners with them.

Kanopy Kids is now also unlimited, giving parents access to shows like sesame street and arthur. For a limited time, Kanopy Kids will not count towards your monthly rental limit.

You can find out if your local library participates in Kanopy by going to the Kanopy website HERE.

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