Looking for free movies? YouTube is adding a bunch of free movies and shows


YouTube is a treasure trove of entertainment, and now you can enjoy even more free movies. All it takes are internet connections capable enough to stream video.

YouTube has added thousands of free movies and TV shows to stream without spending a dime. The streaming platform has finally released ad-supported free movies, but this is the first time they’ve been extended to TV shows.

YouTube has announced that it has updated its catalog with more 1,500 movies and 100 TV shows. This is an exciting development for those who enjoy watching content on YouTube.

The streaming service now offers many new movies and TV shows for free. You can watch all free content on your mobile phone, desktop computer and smart TVs via YouTube TV app.

However, Mashable reported that the platform won’t just show you all of its free titles and let people browse to find their next favorite show or movie.

Also, Youtube doesn’t provide any filters to narrow down the search results for free action movies or thriller series, etc., so you’ll have to sift through unwanted content. Additionally, YouTube now has a “free to watch” section for users interested in watching videos without needing to be a member.

A YouTube spokesperson said Mashable, “YouTube is personalized for users, so instead of seeing the whole library at once in the links, users see selections personalized for them.”

Further, the spokesperson said, “You can view and search all 1,500 free movies and over 100 shows, as well as live titles in the Movies & Shows section, your homepage, and the next selection of watches, all of which are personalized.”

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