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Jalsa Full Movie Download Review: Jalsa is a dramatic thriller that provides insight into mysteries, truth, and deception. The story of the movie is based on a hit and run case, the story of the movie starts with a girl who is riding a bicycle with her boyfriend. Then a man starts following her. During the chase, the girl meets an accident and dies. An 18-year-old girl who happens to be the daughter of Rukhsana (Shefali Shah) is hit by a fat, rich man’s car. The girl who died in the accident was the daughter of a woman named Rukhsana who works at Maya (Vidya Balan). Maya is a journalist by profession who makes the grown-ups sweat with her questions.

Vidya is here the successful anchor of the Maya Menon news portal. Like ‘God’ to the trainees, the trainee journalists, whose mobile number is no less than a godsend. Who makes headlines for his honesty. He is such a person who does not hesitate to question even the most senior officer. She is Maya’s mother. The husband separated and started a new family. And also has a son. Strange in appearance, but more astonishing than the sage. Due to the workload, Maya falls asleep while driving the car and meets with an accident. Now because the car is owned by a wealthy person, then it is imperative to seize the case, so by all means efforts are being made to remove this case. Also, how the police and media are working regarding the case is shown. Moreover, due to real and complicated questions, there is a ruckus about this case and many secrets are exposed.


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We see Shefali hiding something. Together, she is also seen standing with her daughter on the issue of nighttime homelessness. At one point, things happen between Rukhsana and her husband, in which her husband says that “her daughter was also hanging out at night.” In response to this, Rukhsana said, “Then why should you hit him?” The story of the film hurts the question of the society with which we have fought so far. On the one hand, where the truth of society and the pressure of the rich are visible, in the same way, in the eyes of Rukhsana, we see the courage of a mother in whom she would do anything to make people responsible for her daughter’s death punished for their actions. can. A child says: “Everything is known to me, but if I give chocolate, I will not tell anyone and I will not do it either. With an intriguing storyline and stellar performances, ‘Jalsa’ promises to captivate you more.

Jalsa Full Movie Download Review Important Information

Directed by Suresh Triveni
Written by Prajwal Chandrashekar
Suresh Triveni
Hussain Dalal
Abbas Dalal
Produced by Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Vikram Malhotra
Shikhaa Sharma
Featuring Vidya Balan
Shefali Shah
Cinematography Saurabh Goswami
Edited by Shivkumar V. Panicker
Music by Gaurav Chatterji (Thehar)
Abundance Entertainment
Distributed by Amazon Prime Video
Release date March 18, 2022
The country India
Language Hindi
Jalsa Download Review Full Movie Important Information

Jalsa Full Movie Download Review Acting

When we have a good cast like Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah in a movie, the expectations of us moviegoers go up dramatically. Shefali Shah’s dialogues and Vidya’s expressions will win your heart. In this film, besides Shefali Shah with Vidya Balan, strong actors like Rohini Hattangadi, Iqbal Khan, Vidhatri Bandi, Shrikant Mohan, Shafin Patel and Surya Kasibhatla spread their flames. The film is directed by Suresh Triveni, produced by T-Series and Abudantia Entertainment.

realization of Jalsa Full Movie Download Review

After Tumhari Sulu, Suresh Triveni is back with Vidya Balan. But this time the style is different. The director tried to present a crime drama in an emotional way and he also succeeds. Above all, he has shaped his characters so well that you will feel connected to each character. From Maya, Rukhsana to driver, policeman, builder, everyone has a story behind them and this story is generating a lot of interest. The film seems very close to reality. Every character is flawed in one way or another. How all these characters are intertwined because of one incident, this director showed in a great way. There are many twists in the film, which will surprise you. However, entering the climax, the film slows down a lot. It seems that by taking you very high, the kahani pushes you straight down.

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Will the movie Jalsa be released in theaters?

The Jalsa movie is an Amazon Original movie, under which it will be released on the OTT Amazon Prime platform instead of theaters.

When will the movie Jalsa be released?

It will premiere on the Amazon Prime OTT platform on March 18, 2022, which can be watched by Amazon Prime members worldwide.

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