Is Wes Anderson’s Movie Streaming Or In Theaters?


Written and directed by the incomparable Wes anderson (The Grand Hotel Budapest), The French dispatch is an anthology film that serves as a love letter to journalists set in the 20th century. The film has won over critics at various film festivals over the summer and will finally hit theaters to the general public.

Anderson is known for his unique flair, bringing a sense of style and fun to his films, and The French dispatch is no different. Various writers recount the film while guiding us through their stories, taking advantage of the anthology format by offering us several short films bundled into a single film.

These stories make up a journal called The French Dispatch, and each gives the viewer a different perspective on the world we view in an irresistibly charming way. Here, we’ll give you more info on when and where you can watch Wes Anderson’s latest movie, whether it’s streaming or in theaters only, and everything you need to know.

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Who is in The French Dispatch?


Image via Searchlight Pictures

A film of this magnitude will need talented actors to bring it to life. The highly anticipated film also has one of the biggest castings of the year, with: Benicio del Toro, Tony Revolori, Adrien brody, Tilda swinton, Léa Seydoux, Francoise McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Lyna khoudri, Jeffrey wright, Alex lawther, Mathieu Amalric, Stephen Park, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Liev schreiber, Elisabeth Mousse, Edouard Norton, Willem Dafoe, Lois Smith, Saoirse Ronan, Christoph Waltz, Cecile from France, Guillaume Gallienne, Jason schwartzman, Rupert Friend, Henri winkler, Bob balaban, Hippolyte Girardot, and Angelica Huston.

What is the film’s release date?

The French dispatch will hit theaters on October 22, 2021 before releasing a week later on October 29, 2021. Initially the film was slated for July 24, 2020, but due to the pandemic it was postponed indefinitely, eventually landing on its current release date. The film premiered at Cannes earlier this year, after missing its debut in 2020.

Is The French Dispatch available in streaming or on VOD?


Image via Searchlight Pictures

No, the film will be exclusively available in theaters until its digital and Blu-Ray release. We have no official information on when the film will be released in streaming or VOD, but we can assume it will be at least 45 days.

Most movies have had shorter cinema windows since the start of the pandemic. Again, without any official word on a release date, the film may still be released four months after its theatrical release date, which is in line with pre-pandemic films.

Searchlight, a Disney-owned company, is sticking largely to theatrical-only debuts this year, but those movies are also mostly available on PVOD in just a few weeks. Keep an eye out, as we’ll update this space when we know more!

Wes Anderson Movies Streaming Now

Wes Anderson is one of Hollywood’s most unique storytellers, and all of his films are such intriguing watches. If you plan to watch The French dispatch and would like to see more of Wes Anderson’s work, we have some recommendations for you. Below, we’ve got four movies that we think you’ll enjoy along with where you can watch them.

The fantastic Mr. Fox

Image via 20th Century Fox

Broadcast on Disney +

Released in 2009, The fantastic Mr. Fox is an animated stop motion comedy based on a children’s book of the same name. Mr. Renard (George clooney) is a smart and fast creature, and we follow him and his friends as they try to outsmart three farmers who want the animals to leave their property. The film is incredibly charming and witty, giving us one of the most unique animated films of the past 15 years. Stop motion creates a sense of nostalgia as it is an art form first used in the 1800s. The art style, the story and the great characters work in unison, creating an animated classic under- estimated for all ages.

The Grand Hotel Budapest


Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

Available for rent on all digital platforms.

This Oscar-winning film takes us into a murder mystery where Mr. Gustave (Ralph fiennes) is suspected of murdering his mistress. Which makes The Grand Hotel Budapest such a fantastic movie is how alive it is. Anderson’s artistic vision is fully on display, but it doesn’t distract from the story at all. The film is incredibly funny, and yet the harsh nature of its subject matter is never underestimated. It’s a magnificent film with an exceptional cast and magnificent set design, giving us one of the most entertaining films in recent memory.

The island of dogs


Image via Fox Searchlight

Broadcast on Disney +

Wes Anderson takes a new step in stop motion with Isle of Dogs. In this film, the dogs are exiled to a landfill called Trash Island. A 12 year old boy named Atari (Koyu Rankin) goes to the island in search of his dog, Spots. As Atari’s odyssey takes him from Japan to Trash Island, he meets other dogs who help him along the way. We meet a group of adorable dogs, each with distinct traits of their human voice actors. The movie is a stop motion movie with most of the actors being animals, but it still has a ton of personality and heart at its center.

Moonrise Kingdom

Kara Hayward in Moonrise Kingdom

Image via focus functions

Streaming on HBO Max

Moonrise Kingdom is a romantic comedy set in the summer of 1965. Suzy (Kara hayward) and Sam (Jared gilman) are two children who fall in love and decide to run away together. As war draws near their home, it’s up to a group of adults, Captain Sharp (Bruce willis), Master Scout (Edouard Norton), and M. Bishop (Bill Murray), to find the children before it is too late.

This movie embodies everything you would want to see from a Wes Anderson movie. He has the humor you’d expect, but he undermines it with real emotion and drama that makes you an emotional wreck. The movie tells a beautiful and heartwarming coming-of-age story and it truly is a work of art.

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