Is the Ryan Reynolds movie streaming?


Time travel can be tricky, and “The Adam Project” shows us just how tricky it can really get.

Directed by “Free Guy” filmmaker and “Stranger Things” producer Shawn Levy, the new sci-fi flick also involves complicated concepts, like time travel and meeting your younger (or older) self. . The script, written by Jonathan Tropper, TS Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, also makes room for emotional themes and heartbreaking family dynamics.

In the vein of ‘ET’, ‘Back to the Future’ and even ‘Meet the Robinsons’, the movie has something for all ages, so families, kids, adults and Ryan Reynolds fans are probably wondering. how to watch “The Adam Project. Read below for all the details.

When does “The Adam Project” premiere?

“The Adam Project” will debut on Friday, March 11.

Will ‘The Adam Project’ be streamed?

“The Adam Project” premieres exclusively on Netflix on March 11.

Who is in “The Adam Project”?

Adam Reed, the main character, will be played by Ryan Reynolds as the older version and Walker Scobell as the 12-year-old himself. Mark Ruffalo plays Louis Reed, Adam’s late father, and Jennifer Garner plays his mother Ellie Reed. Zoe Saldana stars as Laura, Reed’s partner in some sort of crime and potential love interest. Catherine Keener plays Maya Sorian. Alex Mallari Jr. plays Christos.


What is “The Adam Project” about?

When 12-year-old Adam Reed loses his father (Mark Ruffalo), he struggles with day-to-day life. His mother, Ellie (Jennifer Garner) encourages him to look ahead, as his future is approaching, and it is actually coming faster than expected. Reed’s eldest, who became a time travel pilot, crashes in 2022 when he was 12 years old. In order to save the future, Adam must team up with his younger self, as well as his deceased father, to rectify the past and keep the timeline in order.

Where can I watch other Ryan Reynolds movies?

“Free Guy” (202) is available to stream with subscriptions to Disney+, HBO Max and Spectrum. “The Red Notice” (2021) is available on Netflix. “Deadpool” (2016) and “Deadpool 2” can be viewed with subscriptions to FuboTV, Hulu, FXNow, DirecTV and Spectrum “The Proposal” (2009), in which Reynolds stars alongside Sandra Bullock and the late Betty White, can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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