Is the Icelandic film streaming or in theaters?


The past 18 months have been an eventful time for movie releases with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing films to go online or delay their release dates.

Despite the changing landscape, new films have found their way onto screens one way or another and the latest A24 in the United States, Lamb, is about to make its debut. on our screens.

But just where will Lamb be available to watch? Can moviegoers stream the movie or is Lamb coming to theaters?

‘Lamb’ (2021) | official trailer



‘Lamb’ (2021) | official trailer





Lamb release date and plot

After appearing at several film festivals over the past few months, Lamb arrives in the United States on October 8, 2021.

The film’s release date differs depending on the country in question, with UK and Irish fans having to wait until December 10.

Set in the Icelandic countryside, Lamb is Valdimar Jóhannsson’s first film and tells the story of a childless couple who one day make an alarming discovery in their sheepfold.

However, what initially appears to be a gift from the gods soon turns into something darker in this unsettling atmospheric folk tale.

A24 | New sales of European films

Where to watch the lamb

Lamb will be available to watch exclusively in theaters when it releases in the US on October 8.

That’s right, moviegoers will have to venture out to watch Lamb on the big screen as no streaming options will be available during the initial release.

Readers in the US can check which sites will be serving Lamb here.

While Lamb initially hits theaters, the film is expected to arrive in digital stores such as Google Play and Amazon Prime Video, as well as in physical formats later.

A24 | New sales of European films

Fans can’t wait for Lamb

Since the Lamb trailer debuted in July, moviegoers have long awaited the Icelandic film and with its release now approaching, many have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

A fan on Twitter wrote: “I haven’t been to a movie on opening night for a long time, but tonight I will be seeing LAMB.”

While another added: “I’m so happy for this one!”

This fan commented: “I want to see this lamb movie so bad”

And finally, this Twitter fan summed up his feelings as a gif:

A24 | New sales of European films

A24’s Lamb is available in theaters across the United States from October 8, 2021.

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