Is the 2021 film streaming?


Audiences have been invited to check out an impressive selection of new films so far this year.

Moviegoers have been welcomed back to theaters with such efforts as A Quiet Place, Part II, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, and Anybody while the likes of Zack Snyder Justice League, Coming 2 America, and Malcolm & Marie also generated discussions from the streaming.

One of the latest to grab attention is Jonathan Wysocki’s new feature.

He has previously directed short films such as Adjust a dream and The eyes of a doll, so here is where to watch the awaited movie Dramarama.

from Dramarama, Ambrosia Pictures, IMDb

Where to watch Dramarama movie

  • The film is screened online in the United States as part of Milwaukee Film’s Genrequeer Pride Month program from Friday June 4, 2021 through Wednesday June 30, 2021.

Tickets are only $ 8.00 and there are plenty of screenings available!

As for what to expect, you’ll be taken back to the year 1994 and introduced to a locked-in teenager as he struggles and comes to terms with saying goodbye to his dramatic friends from high school.

The tight-knit group organizes one last sleepover before leaving for college.

As highlighted on the official website, it has won numerous awards including the Audience Award at Novos Cinemas, the Jury Prize for Best Comedic Feature at the Woods Hole Film Festival, Best Screenplay at the Tallgrass Film Festival and Best Feature Film. LGBTQIA + at the Oxford Film Festival. .

BFI Flare 2021 | Dramatic clip



BFI Flare 2021 | Dramatic clip





A personal portrait for Jonathan Wysocki

Speaking to The Queer Review last year, the director was asked how autobiographical the film is:

“A lot! I would say the details of my high school friends and my own life run deep into the movie. The references, the dreams and the desires, all of that. I put us all in a blender, and then I went. all in one script that’s a little more entertaining than literally recreating real life. Because that can be boring, right?

He added: “The secrets and the things that people don’t want to tell each other on their last night, those things that come out, it’s all more on the fictional side …”

Great drama needs great casting!

Dramarama has an exceptional set and we’ve highlighted the cast and a few of their respective roles below:

  • Nico Greetham (Prom, Birds of prey) as Oscar
  • Zak Henri (Embarrassing, Days of our lives) like JD
  • Anna Grace Barlow (Supernatural, Scream queens) as Rose
  • Megan Suri (Valentine’s day, Bindu’s poor education) as Claire
  • Nick Pugliese (13 reasons why) as a gene
  • Danielle Kay (Artificial, Urban VR Legends) as an ally

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