Is Sandra Bullock’s movie streaming?


“The Lost City” needs to both honor the “writer-turns-adventurer” trope and add it by calling to mind the action-romance genre. Sandra Bullock follows in the footsteps of agoraphobic author Jodie Foster in ‘Nim’s Island’ (2008) and romance novel writer Brooke Shields Sophie in ‘A Castle for Christmas’ (2021) as she stars a romance novelist who gets lost in her own adventure with a cover model.

The film boasts a pretty stacked all-star cast and promises both romantic comedy laughs and adventure movie thrills.

Many may be wondering how to watch ‘The Lost City’, but never fear – all your questions will be answered below.

When is “The Lost City” airing?

“The Lost City” premieres Friday, March 25, 2022.

Will ‘The Lost City’ be streamed?

No, “The Lost City” will premiere exclusively in theaters on March 25. However, since it’s a Paramount Pictures release, the film will likely premiere on Paramount+ within 45 days, like other recent releases like “Scream” and “Jackass Forever.” .” A Paramount+ debut date for “The Lost City” has yet to be announced.

What is “The Lost City” about?

Loretta, a best-selling romantic action novelist, is about to promote her latest book, when she realizes she feels like she’s reached a plateau in life. Enter Abigail Fairfax, who kidnaps her to use her novel to actually find The Lost City, where he’s convinced there’s hidden treasure. Loretta’s book cover model Alan, who poses for her character Dash, takes her words that he’s just a dummy seriously and sets out to rescue her to prove he truly embodies the traits of the fictional man he represents. Dash’s abilities to save Loretta prove questionable at best, but fret not as true action hero Jack Trainer arrives to save the day.

Yes, Channing Tatum modeled his look

Who is part of the cast of “The Lost City”?

Sandra Bullock stars as author Loretta and Channing Tatum stars as her dashing cover model. Daniel Radcliffe plays the eccentric villainess Abigail Fairfax and Brad Pitt appears as Jack Trainer. Other cast members include Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Beth Hatten, Oscar Nuñez as Oscar, Patti Harrison as Allison, and Bowen Yang as Ray the moderator.

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