Is movie X streaming online? Is X available on HBO Max or Prime Video?


Ti West’s X film is currently showing in theaters. It will certainly be the biggest film of this weekend. Horror movies were made for the big screen, but X is not to be missed in theaters as it will give you the best experience. However, I understand that not everyone is ready to go to the cinema yet! And if so, here’s what we know when (and where) Ti West X The film will be streamed online so you can watch it from home.

The film follows a film crew who rent a farm to record The Farmer’s Daughters, a porn movie. Unfortunately, their hosts, an elderly couple, have other plans for them. What are these sinister plans? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out! After watching the movie, I can promise you all the horror goodies we all love! It features our favorite horror movie tropes, with plenty of Chainsaw Massacre vibes and nods to other classics. While the first half of the movie is all about introducing the main cast and giving the characters a false sense of security, the second half is filled with bloody and very, very unique and entertaining murders. I know we’re advertising, but if you’d rather be patient and wait for a streaming release, here’s when it might happen.

Is Ti West’s movie X streaming on HBO Max?

Right now, X is a cinema exclusive. This means that it is only available on the big screen. Still, it’ll have to land on a streaming service at some point, and HBO Max is my first guess for movies like this, but I don’t think many A24 movies end up going to that platform. That said, I doubt X is going to be the exception, so don’t plan on streaming the movie here anytime soon.

Is Ti West’s X movie broadcast on Prime Video?

Again, at this time, it’s only in theaters. However, Prime Video is a good estimate of where X could be directed. Why? Because the A24s Hereditary, The Lighthouse, and Midsommar, to name a few, are currently streaming on Prime Video. You can also find A24 movies on Hulu, and Netflix has Uncut Gems available for streaming. That’s why we believe Ti West X the film will eventually air on Prime Video. If not, Hulu and Netflix are two other possible platforms.

When will Ti West’s X movie be released online?

Better late than never! Movies these days have an exclusive theatrical release for a shorter period of time than before. As soon as we know more about when the movie will be available to stream, we’ll update this post!

When are you going to watch X? Are you going to the cinema this weekend or are you waiting for a streaming release?

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