Is movie streaming coming to PlayStation Plus?


PlayStation Plus may soon include access to blockbuster movies. A logo for “PlayStation Plus Video Pass” was leaked on Sony’s official website today, sparking rumors that subscribers might have the chance to stream top Sony Pictures titles such as Bloodshot and Venom.

The leak, spotted by VGC, appeared in Polish but was quickly translated into English (broken): “A new perk available for a limited time on PlayStation Plus… PS Plus Video Pass is a trial service active from 04/2221 to 04/22/22. The subscription benefit is available for PS Plus users in Poland.

New to PS Plus? The subscription service gives players access to between two and four free PS5, PS4 and PSP games per month in exchange for a fixed price. Sony produces a large amount of film and TV content, so it makes sense to bundle some of that with PlayStation Plus.

Today’s leak could also be linked to Sony’s announcement in March that the PlayStation Store will stop offering TV and movie content for purchase and rental from August 31, 2021. PS Plus will offer Does it possibly provide players with a selection of handpicked games and movies every month? We’ll have to see.

PS Plus isn’t struggling – the service recently hit 47.4 million active subscribers and celebrated 22% year-over-year growth – but it’s no secret that Sony faces stiff competition on the game’s top Xbox Game Pass and movie ahead of Netflix, Disney +, and Apple TV (all available on PS5 and PS4).

In recent weeks, the Japanese tech giant acquired AT & T’s Crunchyroll anime streaming service for $ 1.175 billion and launched Bravia Core, its 4K HDR streaming service. Is the PlayStation Plus Video Pass part of a larger plan from Sony to improve its streaming gaming by the end of the year? Watch this place.


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