Is Foo Fighters streaming or in theaters?


It’s not everyday you write about a supernatural horror-comedy starring Dave Grohland the foo fighters. Directed by Hatchet IIIit’s BJ Mc Donneland co-starred Whitney Cummings (The female brain), Jenna Ortega (Yell), and Jeff Garlin (Calm your enthusiasm), Workshop 666 follows the fictionalized story of the Foo Fighters’ attempt to record their tenth studio album, medicine at midnight. While on paper it all seems completely made up, Workshop 666 is indeed real and seems like an absolute riot of a movie.

Of course, the Foo Fighters have appeared in movies before. In 2011, the group was the subject of the “rockumentary”, Foo Fighters: round tripwhich chronicles the process the band went through while recording their seventh studio album, waste the light. However, Workshop 666 marks the very first time the group has appeared in a fictional feature film. From the trailer (which you can see below), the film promises a tongue-in-cheek, witty, and rock horror film that pits the iconic band against insidious ghouls and record label deadlines.


If that wasn’t enough for you, frontman Dave Grohl also played a major role in the writing of the film. Grohl received a “story of” credit on the film. In keeping with the film’s tone and narrative, Grohl and the rest of the band actually produced a “thrash” album, which they plan to release in the coming weeks. The film was actually shot entirely in secret, with rumors of its existence swirling online in November last year, 12 months after filming wrapped.

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Does Studio 666 stream online?

Image via Foo Fighters

Right now, Workshop 666 is not available to stream online. Grohl confirmed in November that the film would be a “theatrical exclusive,” which seems pretty definitive. Although no streaming options or dates have been announced at this time, with the pandemic still in full swing, theatrical exclusive movies tend to appear on VOD/Streaming services around a good month after release. in initial theaters.

Is Studio 666 in theaters?

Without surprise, Workshop 666 is actually coming out in theaters. The film is set to be released worldwide on February 25. Depending on where you live, you can actually check the showing times through the movie’s official website which can be linked here. As said before, the band recorded an entire metal album under the fictional band name, dream window. Grohl has confirmed that the album will “hopefully” be released on February 25, the same day Workshop 666 opens worldwide. At The Howard Stern Show this week, Grohl remarked:

I mean, I work fast, but damn, this deadline is gonna kill me. Yes, I will release it for the movie. By February 25, there will be a Dream Widow disc.

As the pandemic continues, most theaters are adapting to such a situation. As such, expect some social distancing when screening for Workshop 666 among other basic, simple and safe precautions.

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Watch the Studio 666 trailer

You can experience the hilarious, yet somewhat scary, trailer for Workshop 666 now!

The little tease does a great job of setting the tone for the movie, without spoiling any major scares, jokes, or surprises. Grohl and his bandmates can be really proud of this one if the trailer is anything to go by.

When will Studio 666 arrive on digital and VOD?

As of this writing, there has been no confirmed release date for Workshop 666 in digital or VOD. That said, movies usually release on DVD and Blu-ray 12-16 weeks after the movie hits theaters. So, if we were to use simple calculations, we can estimate that Workshop 666 will arrive on digital/VOD in June.

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What is Studio 666 about?

Image via Foo Fighters

According to the film’s official synopsis, which can be found on its website:

In STUDIO 666, the Foo Fighters of the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers move into an Encino mansion steeped in rock’s macabre history to record their long-awaited 10th album. Once inside the house, Dave Grohl finds himself struggling with supernatural forces that threaten both the album’s completion and the band’s life.

As previously stated, Workshop 666 it looks like a good time. Made in honor of the schlocky b-movies of the 1980s, the film seeks to truly understand what made that decade of horror truly special. As a Foo Fighters fan, I can’t wait for February 25 to roll.

Other Foo Fighters Movies You Can Watch Right Now

While this is indeed the first feature film to feature the band in on-screen roles, there have already been movies/documentaries featuring the Foo Fighters and some members of the iconic band.

Foo Fighters: round trip: As mentioned earlier, this 2011 documentary film traces the production of the band’s seventh studio album, waste the light. The film uses footage from over 1,000 hours of historical and new footage and interviews with current and former band members, including Guillaume Orfevre and Franz Stahl. The film went on to win the Grammy Award for “Best Long Form Music Video” in 2012.

Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways: In 2014, HBO produced a docuseries about the production of the Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album, Sonic Highways. Grohl described the series as a “love letter to American music history”, with each episode (eight in total) set in a different American city.

Tenacious D in Destiny’s Choice: Although this project isn’t technically about the Foo Fighters, frontman Dave Grohl has a starring role in the film as Satan himself! Written by and performed Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the film is a hysterical adventure, which has spawned a sort of cult following. Here’s a fun fact for you, Grohl actually played drums on the movie’s soundtrack album, which he also did for the band’s debut album, Tenacious D (2001).

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