Is Disney’s new animated film airing on Disney +?


Read for a vibrant, magical and musical adventure in Encanto. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th feature film takes a trip to Colombia, where we meet “an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a bustling city, in a wonderful place and charming called an Encanto. “All madrigals have unique magical gifts except Mirabel (Stephanie Béatriz), but when Encanto’s magic falls into danger, Mirabel discovers that she may well be her family’s last hope.

Realized by Zootopia‘s Jared bush and Byron howard, and co-directed by Charise castro smith (writer “The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez”), the film includes original music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and earns great reviews as a “heartwarming celebration of family,” meaning it’s an ideal choice for reuniting with loved ones while on vacation.

But Disney movie releases have been a bit unpredictable this year, so we’ve put together a helpful guide for where it’s in theaters, when it’s on Disney +, and how to stream the soundtrack online. after these delicious new songs get stuck in your head.


When is Encanto in cinemas near me?

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Encanto arrived in US theaters on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, launched in 3,700 theaters nationwide. Disney’s new animated film is aiming for a nationwide opening of $ 35-40 million at the box office (picking up $ 1.5 million in Tuesday previews) and $ 70 million globally.

Internationally, the film also arrived in several important territories, including Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and South Korea on November 24, and hits most world markets on November 26, with the exception of the Philippines (December 8) and Hong Kong (December 16).

If you are wondering where to buy Encanto tickets or find times near you, visit the official Disney website or check the ticket sellers below.

As always, with the pandemic underway, stay safe and be sure to recheck all warrants and security guidelines before booking your Encanto tickets.

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How do I find a screening in Spanish?

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In addition to the usual theatrical deployment, Encanto will feature Spanish language screenings nationally, featuring the cast of Latin American voices. The Spanish version of Encanto will be shown in over 300 theaters across the country, and you can book tickets or find out if there are times near you here.

East Encanto Streaming with Disney + Premier Access?

No. In line with recent theatrical releases like free guy and Eternals, Encanto arrives exclusively in theaters on its November 24 release date.

Considering the latest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Raya and the last dragon, was immediately available to stream with Disney + Premier Access – not to mention the fact that Disney’s two previous Pixar films launched direct on Disney + – it’s understandable that you’d expect this one to air on day and the theatrical release date, but this time Disney is firmly maintaining its theatrical exclusivity … for now.

When Encanto Be on Disney +?

Here is the good news, Encanto Already has a Disney + release date: it’s coming to stream on December 24, 30 days after its theatrical debut. Think of it as a Christmas Eve gift for anyone celebrating, or maybe just an opportunity to have some new favorite Disney songs in your head just in time for the New Year.

Where can I listen to the Encanto Soundtrack online?

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Speaking of which, if you don’t make it Encanto soundtrack out of your head, that’s understandable. After all, Hamilton and In the heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has a knack for writing songs that never really get taken off – as can be confirmed by the continued presence of both on my annual Spotify wraps.

Miranda wrote and produced eight original songs for Encanto, and you can listen to them all – with Germaine francothe sheet music – streaming online now. Plus, you can pre-order the CD exclusively from Target.

Where to stream Disney animated movies

If you can’t make it to the movies right now, but you’re still in the mood for an animated Disney classic, there’s really only one destination for your streaming needs these days: Disney + . You can find the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie collection in the Disney Hub here, or all Pixar movies here.

A Disney + membership costs $ 7.99 / month or $ 79.99 / year. Alternatively, you can sign up for the Disney Bundle, which includes Hulu and ESPN +, and costs $ 13.99 / month or $ 19.99 / month if you go for the Hulu ad-free package.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda on writing songs for “Encanto” and working with one of his musical heroes on “The Little Mermaid”

He also explains why the song “Surface Pressure” is his love letter / apology to older siblings around the world.

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