Is being the Ricardos on Netflix? Where to watch the movie online


Being the Ricardos, a film based on the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, debuted on select movie screens on December 10. The film, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, follows the couple through a rough patch in their largely successful series of I love lucy and their status as Hollywood comedic darlings.

As Lucille (Nicole Kidman) and Desi (Javier Bardem) shine as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, their true marriage hangs by a thread. Behind the scenes, the couple face political accusations leveled against them regarding Lucille’s stance on communism, her suspicions of her infidelity, and cultural taboos that crack the layers of perfection their show projects.

The film covers the work the two do in the writers room, through their production company, and on the I love lucy sound stage. While Being the Ricardos Only lasts a week in the life of comedy legends, it is a week that is crucial to their livelihood and status in the business.

The film is currently only available in theaters, however, it will be streaming soon. Here is where you can look Being the Ricardos in line.

Where to broadcast Being the Ricardos

Being the Ricardos will not be coming to Netflix. The film will debut on Prime Video on Tuesday, December 21 for subscribers to watch. It has a battery life of two hours and five minutes.

Be the age classification of Ricardos

The film is rated R and intended for an informed audience. Its grade is due to the strong language used throughout. Although thematic items are not listed as a reason for age classification, we should note that Being the Ricardos deals in part with the red fear in America, infidelity, possibly Arnaz’s alcohol addiction as well as the xenophobia and racism typical of the Hollywood era.

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