IPhone users ALERT! Apple’s App Store offers ILLEGAL movie streaming apps! Know the risks


IPhone users should be alert after an app developer finds several illegal movie streaming apps on the App Store.

IPhone and iPad users on ALERT! Apple has made a name for itself by maintaining a very safe App Store through ethical practices and by reporting illegal apps. However, an app developer has discovered that Apple offers illegal movie streaming apps that raise several privacy and security concerns. Apple developer Kosta Eleftheriou has raised some concerns about these apps.

Eleftheriou clarified this by showcasing a few apps that cleverly disguised themselves as legitimate movie streaming services. On the App Store, several of these apps featured movie trailers and photo filters. Eleftheriou says these apps end up misleading consumers.

The App Store Offers Illegal Movie Streaming Apps

Eleftheriou goes on to describe how these illegal movie streaming apps work. These apps encourage users to enter various codes to unlock more features. The app even encourages sharing the app to unlock more features.

Some of these apps even offer premium subscriptions where payment is supposed to be made through Apple Pay. This is where Apple charges its 15-30% share of that amount; a subject that brought Apple to court in the Epic Games case.

“While Apple fails to control its App Store, these apps have racked up over 2 million downloads and now generate around 16,000 / day or around $ 6 million per year,” Eleftheriou said.

The developer claims that these apps have been thriving on the App Store for months now and despite several negative reviews, Apple hasn’t done anything about it.

Note that Eleftheriou also took legal action with Apple after the latter was accused of copying its FlickType app for the Apple Watch app.

Previously, Apple had engaged in a deal with publisher Fortnite Epic Games after Apple banned the Fortnite app from its App Store. Epic Games attempted to circumvent Apple’s 30% commission on the App Store by including its own payment portal for several in-game items, and ultimately passing on the benefits of the discount to customers.

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