How to Watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie Online: Release Date and Time


Finally, The Bob’s Burgers Movie comes to its real home: your TV. Following in the footsteps of The Simpsons, the Belcher clan has gone from the small screen to the big screen for their latest adventure.

Bob’s Burgers movie online release date and time

When: The Bob’s Burgers movie debuts in the US and Canada on Tuesday (July 12), Wednesday (July 13) and internationally July 20 (full details below). It should fall around 3 a.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT / 8 a.m. BST each day.
Look in the United States: on HBO Max (opens in a new tab) Where Hulu (opens in a new tab)
Watch in Canada and the UK: Disney+ (opens in a new tab) per star

The Bob’s Burgers movie, which has a somewhat familiar problem at its core (the bank is about to seize the perennial restaurant), but it’s far more dangerous and emotionally unstable than ever. But, yes, Bob and Linda have been given a week’s notice to make this month’s payment to the bank, and that puts everything in jeopardy.

And then things got worse. An underground water pipe just below their restaurant explodes, and a giant sinkhole now blocks the entrance to the establishment. Absolutely the worst possible timing, but things are getting worse. A murder mystery arises thanks to a discovery made by Louise, who is having a bad time at school because she was bullied because of her hat.

Meanwhile, Tina wants to get things done with Jimmy Pesto Jr, and Gene tries to get his band back together. If only their owner Calvin Fischoeder wanted to help solve the Belcher family’s problems, they’d probably be a little less anxious and able to work together. But as you’d expect, Mr. Fischoeder doesn’t care about the fate of the Common Belcher.

Below we have everything you need to watch The Bob’s Burgers movie online. Also check out the trailer:

How to watch The Bob’s Burgers movie in the US

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You have two options for watching The Bob’s Burgers movie in the US, where it debuts online on July 12. It arrives on both Hulu and HBO Max at 3 a.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT.

Having trouble choosing where to look? If you already pay for the ad-free version of one of these streaming services, use this one. Hulu starts at $6.99 and HBO Max at $9.99. These are two of the best streaming services if you ask us.

How to watch The Bob’s Burgers movie in the UK

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There’s no Hulu or HBO Max across the Atlantic, so our friends across the pond will be watching The Bob’s Burgers movie on a different service. It’s the Disney Plus Star Channel, which is basically where the most adult Disney Plus content comes out of the US, as Hulu is a US-only service.

It will debut on Wednesday (July 13).

How to Watch The Bob’s Burgers Movie in Canada

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Canadians will start Disney Plus and access the Star channel. The movie Bob’s Burgers makes its debut there on Tuesday, July 12.

How to watch The Bob’s Burgers movie in Australia

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Australia was not named or specified in the announcements for The Bob’s Burgers Movie online release, but as only Poland was specified not to receive the film in the announcements, we have reason to believe that it will be available below.

if the past is any precedent, it should air on Disney Plus Star Channel on Wednesday (July 13) or, more likely, Thursday (July 14).

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