Free Movies and Concerts at the Christmas Party Council for County Seniors | County Chief of St George and Sutherland


Louise Butler and Lachlan O’Brien will provide musical performances in nursing homes for the elderly. Image: provided

Seniors have the chance to watch a free movie at Hoyts Cronulla and get a Top Shock to boot as part of the Sutherland Shire Council Senior Christmas Festival program.

The program will celebrate the valuable contributions of older people, reconnecting those who can go out and providing festive entertainment in senior care facilities.

Seniors can book tickets to see one of the two new movie releases, Off the rails Where Bestsellers, in Hoyts Cronulla between November 29 and December 3.

The board says there are limited seats for both films. Tickets can be booked online via:

Residents of senior care facilities will be treated to pop-up concerts, including musical performances by acclaimed county artists Louise Butler and Lachlan O’Brien.

“After our recent challenges, I am truly thrilled to play for such important and inspiring people in our community,” said Ms. Butler.

“Now is a great time to come together and embrace our community spirit again and what better way to do that than by singing and laughing.”

In another council initiative, a specially designed Hazelhurst Christmas card will be distributed in conjunction with senior care facilities, Activus Transport, Meals on Wheels and community centers to the homes of elderly residents in the community.

Mayor Steve Simpson said, “This is a special time of year, especially after the challenges we have faced together as a community, and this program allows us to reach out to seniors across the community. and to offer them something special ”.



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