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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – If you’re browsing Amazon Prime for a movie to watch, keep an eye out for a new movie from Eau Claire.

The movie titled “gIVE” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The film was shot right here in Eau Claire and features many local talent.

“I hope people can relate to that,” said Suzy Murty, a mom at Eau Claire who plays a mom in the movie, “GIVE”. “Louise is a troubled soul in this movie,” Murty said. This psychological drama follows two parents who mourn the disappearance of their daughter. “As a mom, I can definitely relate to a lot of underlying themes and emotions,” added Murty.

Another relative who relates to the screenplay is father and director Steve Dayton. “We did the majority of the filming between my house that I own in Eau Claire and Lowe’s Creek Park,” Dayton said. Not only was the film physically close to his home, the idea started inside his home. “One night when my daughter woke up in the middle of the night, came up next to my bed, got close to my face and told me the shadows scared me,” Dayton said. “It all clicked at that point and I thought if I could take that moment and take advantage of it, I think we’ll have an interesting movie.”

It’s an emotional storyline to get viewers to think about what they value in everyday life. “The idea behind this is to explore how different people cope with unbearable loss,” Dayton added.

They deal with raw emotions and give the actors a lot of creativity in their roles. “We didn’t have a script that was both amazing and yet added that level of challenge that was downright insane,” said Murty. It was Suzy’s first role but she couldn’t be happier with the result. “We are a small community here at Eau Claire and so I’m just amazed and happy to share it with the community and if it goes beyond that it’s a bonus and it’s amazing,” she added. .

As for Steve, he loves making movies, but working with his family has made it even more memorable. “The film is about my daughter and my sons, so capturing that moment in our lives and what we were going through is something that I will remember forever,” he said.

The movie “GIVE” is now streaming on amazon prime.

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