Every New Horror Movie Free Streaming In January


Including “Ghost Ship” and “The Fly”

January is a dark month. And it’s about to get a lot scarier now that Tubi is on the scene. The free streamer is going to launch a whole slew of cool new horror shows this month, a few elements of which are hard to find elsewhere.

Personally, I am very happy to see again american psycho 2. This absurd direct-to-video sequel from 2002 stars Mila Kunis as Patrick Bateman’s near-protege. Add William Shatner to the fold, and you’ve got madness not to be missed but madness.

Another title that I will definitely hit is the 2006 remake of The omen. Julia Stiles stars in this reboot of the franchise which is way better than it’s allowed to be. I’m also still appalled that his studio managed to release this one on 06/06/06. How? ‘Or’ What? Did they work backwards? I have questions.

Check out this impressive list of horror movies dropped on Tubi later this month.

January the 21st :

To be born (Tubi Original)
american psycho 2
Ghost ship
The Exorcist
The omen (2006)
The sixth sense
A crooked person
Rising AI
Don’t say a word
To drive
Joy ride
Killer Joe
Butterfly Effect
The day the earth stood still
The dead

Haley Joel Osment THE SIXTH SENSE 1024x536 - Tubi: Every New Horror Movie Free Streaming In January
The sixth sense

Finally, which of the above films are you most looking forward to seeing again? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always here to chat about all things horror free!

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