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Rocket: The Nambi Effect

arrived in theaters today (July 1, 2022), and sadly, on the very first day of its release, the full movie leaked online on several notorious sites. We wonder if the online leak will affect the film’s box office collection.

The film marks Madhavan’s directorial debut, so it’s very special for the actor-turned-filmmaker.

Rocket: The Nambi Effect

is based on the life of Nambi Narayanan, who was a former scientist and aerospace engineer with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). He was falsely accused of espionage and arrested in 1994. All charges against him were dismissed by the Supreme Court in 1998.


Madhavan plays the role of Nambi in the film.

Recently during the film’s promotions, when Madhavan was asked why he was so keen on making this film, he told India Today, “I wanted to make the film for two reasons. Every actor would dream of playing several installments of age who were here. Secondly, it was very technical in making it. And that’s my strong point. I love engineering.


“But, Nambi is not a normal technical guy. He is a genius. So, I had to translate his story into simple terms. The public should understand what rocket science is. No one was ready to produce it, so I took that effort too. A month before the movie was released, I had to direct the movie because the previous director couldn’t do it for the right reasons,” Madhavan added.

Talking about wearing the director’s hat for the first time, Madhavan said his intention was to tell a story about Nambi Narayanan and not to prove himself as a director. However, if he is able to achieve this, he will consider himself a success.

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