Delchar Theater in Mayville, ND, will present free movies on August 21 and 22


The streaming service will also offer free popcorn and promotional Pluto swag for Delchar Theater cinema customers at 7.15 p.m. on Saturday August 21 and Sunday August 22. The closest independent cinema to Mayville where Pluto pays for customer tickets is in Minneapolis. The other five theaters are in Atlanta; Spencer, Indiana; Berkeley Springs, West, Virginia; Howell, Michigan; and Albuquerque, according to a press release from Pluto TV.

David Torgeson, owner of the Delchar Theater with his wife Heather, received an email from Pluto TV early last summer asking if they wanted to show the film for free, said David Torgeson.

After making sure the messaging and streaming service was credible, he told Pluto TV that they did.

“They sent me all kinds of stuff and donated to us,” Torgeson said. The donation will cover the number of tickets he sells and he will give the promotional material of Pluto TV to the cinema.

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Torgeson has free tickets to “Free Guy” available online, and will have a few to give away at the door on Saturdays and Sundays. The theater will fill 144 of the 222 seats, or around 65% of the seats. The theater has not operated at full capacity since it reopened in February 2021 as a COVID-19 safety measure, Torgeson said.

“We want to make sure people always feel comfortable,” Torgeson said.

He and his wife feel lucky that Pluto TV has given them the opportunity to offer free screenings of “Free Guy” at the Delchar Theater, he said.

“I think it’s great, it’s an exciting opportunity. When they mentioned us in their social media post, it was like ‘Whoa,’ ”Torgeson said, noting that the post had drawn national attention to Mayville. Meanwhile, Pluto TV’s goodwill gesture to its theater, which like many others suffered economic losses when it had to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, draws positive attention to the Los Angeles company. Angeles.

“I think it will definitely increase awareness of their service,” Torgeson said.

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