Celebrating Women’s Empowerment: Free Movies & Series to Stream on iWantTFC This Women’s Month


Do you need an extra boost of motivation to overcome life’s daily obstacles? This International Women’s Month, allow inspiring stories about strong female characters to empower you.

Women’s empowerment and independence are showcased in iWantTFC’s extensive library of originals, feature films and TV series, all of which are available for binge watching. To access iWantTFC’s content library, viewers can take advantage of the streaming platform’s “watch now, subscribe later” feature for continued viewing of their favorite shows.

Find out how to be a “boss girl” and watch these free movies and series on the iWantTFC app and website:

1. Jodi Sta. Maria in “The Broken Marriage Vow” and “My Single Lady”
Trending series ‘The Broken Marriage Vow’ has captivated viewers as they witness Jill Ilustre’s (Jodi) revenge as the scorned wife after her husband’s affair is discovered. Jill refuses to play the victim and tries to regain her dignity, which she feels has been taken away from her due to her husband’s betrayal.

Prior to her portrayal of Jill, Jodi starred as the jovial and devoted single mother Chona on the iWantTFC original series “My Single Lady.” While Chona handles her many responsibilities perfectly in order to provide a bright future for her seven-year-old son, she also opens her heart to romance once again when two attractive men begin courting her.

2. Angelica Panganiban, Loisa Andalio, Barbie Imperial, Maris Racal and Elisse Joson in “The Goodbye Girl”
“The Goodbye Girl” is iWantTFC’s new “hugot” series that’s packed with insightful lessons on how to get over heartbreak. The series has six episodes that tackle the different coping mechanisms of the characters of Angelica, Loisa, Barbie, Maris and Elisse and how they are able to overcome their failed relationships. In the series, the five girls realize the importance of self-love and that it’s okay to be single.

3. Iza Calzado in “Loving Emily”Being in the middle of a midlife crisis is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Emily (Iza) is forced to choose between her miserable family life and an uncertain future after falling in love with a younger man in iWantTFC’s original series “Loving Emily.” In the end, Emily realizes that loving herself comes first.

4. Cherry Pie Picache, Mylène Dizon, Agot Isidro and Joanna Ampil in “Call Me Tita”

In “Call Me Tita”, a carefree barkada of four middle-aged women (Cherry Pie, Mylène, Agot, and Joanna) learn to navigate life while overcoming their many obstacles, including the sudden disappearance of their best friend. In this lighthearted comedy, they discover that their years of friendship outweigh misunderstandings and that growing old together only means discovering a greater meaning in life.

5. Gloria Diaz in “Beauty Queens”
“Beauty and brains” are adjectives frequently used to describe beauty queens. However, in the iWantTFC original series “Beauty Queens,” we learn that beauty queens, like everyone else, have flaws and struggle with their own issues.

Miss Universe 1969 is pictured here. Gloria Diaz stars as the matriarch of a pageant-winning family whose ultimate goal is for her children to follow in her footsteps. The series shines a light on the real struggles of beauty queens and teaches viewers valuable lessons about seemingly perfect people.

6. Kathryn Bernardo in “Hello, Love, Goodbye”
Showing off and pursuing personal goals is fine. Indeed, it demonstrates his audacity and commitment to achieving his goals. That’s precisely what Joy (Kathryn) does in “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, the highest-grossing film of all time.

Joy initially struggled to decide whether to continue her relationship with her true love or focus on her exhausting job as an overseas worker struggling to make ends meet. However, she realized that her dreams are more important than her love life and that it is possible to put your love life on hold.

7. Angelica Panganiban and Bea Alonzo in “Unbreakable”
Having the best friends is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world because it means you can always count on them. However, what happens when mutual trust is broken? Mariel and Deena (Bea and Angelica) face the ultimate test of their friendship in “Unbreakable” when tragedy strikes.

Mariel and Deena have leaned on each other their entire lives, whether it’s resolving minor disagreements or cheering each other on. As they mature and face more serious challenges, they demonstrate that their bond is unbreakable and that they will always be for each other no matter what.

8. Nadine Luster in “I Never Love You”
Having the courage to leave someone you love is a brave act. In the romantic drama film “Never Not Love You”, Joanne (Nadine) learns this the hard way. Joanne ends her relationship with her boyfriend after realizing her self worth and decides to pursue bigger dreams for her own happiness.

9. Sharon Cuneta in “Caregiver”
How much are you willing to give for your family? Sarah (Sharon) decides to give up everything and move to London as a caregiver, leaving behind her son and her job as a schoolteacher, in the 2008 Filipino drama “Caregiver.” However, when she is abused, her dream of a better life is thwarted. Sarah’s courage is tested as she struggles to find dignity in her work.

10. Maricel Soriano in “Mila”
Maricel Soriano’s commitment to her students is palpable in the film “Mila”, which is based on a true story. Mila (Maricel) is more than a teacher; she genuinely cares about the welfare of her students and treats each as if they were their own child. Her commitment to public school teachers in the Philippines is unmatched, as she fearlessly fights for fair wages and benefits.

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