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NOVEMBER 12: In this screenshot, Martin Sheen speaks at the GCAPP EmPOWER Party and 25th Anniversary Virtual Event on November 12, 2020 (Photo by Getty Images / Getty Images for GCAPP)

It’s time to wish the driving force behind one of America’s most remarkable fictional presidents a happy birthday. Martin sheen, perhaps best known for playing President Josiah Bartlet on Aaron by Sorkin Long-running drama “The West Wing” turns 81 on August 3. Why not celebrate with a free movie?

Martin Sheen’s story

Born Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez in Dayton, Ohio, Sheen has enjoyed a long and celebrated career on the stage – he made his Broadway debut in the short-lived “Never Live Over a Pretzel Factory” in 1964 – as well as on the big and small screens.

While Jed Bartlet may be the TV role that has garnered Sheen multiple Emmy nominations, it’s far from her only TV credit. In the early 1960s, Sheen appeared in the longtime soap opera “As the World Turns”.

Although he never won for “The West Wing”, he won a guest actor in a comedy series trophy in 1994 for an appearance on “Murphy Brown”. Most recently he appeared with other legends of cinema Lily tomlin, Jane fonda and Sam Waterston on Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie”.

Sheen, father of fellow actors Charlie sheen, Emilio Estévez, Renée Estévez and Ramon Estévez, nonetheless has an impressive film career. Her resume features appearances in classic films such as “Apocalypse Now”, “Badlands”, “Gettysburg” and “The Departed”.

But not all of the films he appears in are so well known. Celebrate Sheen’s birthday with a new title, streaming free on Tubi.

Stream these Martin Sheen films for free

The final Countdown (1980): This one is a war film with a touch of time travel: “America’s most powerful nuclear aircraft carrier is transported in time until December 6, 1941, hours before the attack on Pearl Harbor . ” Sheen stars alongside the end Kirk douglas. (A bonus: This vintage trailer includes a healthy dose of “trailer drama vocals.”)

When the branch breaks (1994): A tense 1994 crime thriller that sees a Captain Swaggert (Sheen) on the hunt for a serial killer who leaves severed hands behind, possibly with the help of a criminal profiler (Allied Walker) and a young boy mysteriously linked to crimes. Ron Perlman also stars.

Judgment in Berlin (1988): Sheen plays an American judge who must decide that the hijacking of a plane is justified by the extraordinary circumstances in which it was carried out, because the three East Berliners who committed the crime did so to escape the East Germany from the Cold War. Sean Penn also appears in this drama, directed by his father, Leo Penn.

Stella days (2011): Irish filmmaker Thaddée O’Sullivan directs Sheen in this independent drama, based on the true story of the creation of a cinema in a small town in rural Ireland.

The maid (1991): Sheen shows off her sizable comedic chops (also often featured in “The West Wing”) in this romantic intrigue comedy. Jacqueline Bisset also stars.

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