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When asked to predict the outcome of William shatner go to space, who among us would have said, “We’re all going to get to watch a surprisingly moving video of the guy who played Captain Kirk, mourned by the enormity of space – no, of existence”?

Yet here we are. The 90-year-old Hollywood legend became the oldest person to ever travel to space on Wednesday when he and three others took off from West Texas on a Blue Origin suborbital space flight. Shatner’s response is a must see.

“What you have given me is the most profound experience I can imagine,” Shatner told Jeff Bezos after returning to Earth, unable to hold back tears. “It’s an honor. I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened. It’s just, it’s extraordinary, extraordinary.”

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Shatner said that traveling in space is something everyone has to do. Weightlessness was to be expected, but he spoke at length about the dissipation of blue once it left Earth’s atmosphere.

“The blue covering – this sheet, this blanket, this blue quilt that we have on Earth – we say, ‘Oh, our blue skies. And you look in the dark, in the dark, the ugliness. And you look down – there’s blue over there and black up there and that’s right, there’s Mother Earth and comfort. And there is – is there death? I don’t ‘I don’t know. Is it death? Is this how death is? And she left. Jesus, ”Shatner said, burying his face in his hands.

To celebrate Shatner’s experience – an experience he called “so touching” and “incredible” – we’ve compiled a list of (free) movies and TV shows featuring or featuring the actor. obvious “this sheet, this blanket, this blue duvet. “Lift your feet, lean back and let your imagination soar for the stars with these headlines, all now streaming for free on Tubi.

(And just for fun, there are some spooky Shatner-filled season titles as well):

Boldly Go Where William Shatner Has Been Before With These Free Movies

The truth is in the stars (2007): This tight documentary (it lasts just under 90 minutes, or about 9 Blue Origin missions) sees William shatner engage in a conversation with scientists and artists on the subject of “how the imaginative optimism of ‘Star Trek’ influenced generations”. Rated TV-14. 86 minutes. Real: J. Craig Thompson. With: William Shatner, Stephen hawking, Ben Stiller, Gene Rodenberry, Neil de Grasse Tyson.

the captains (2011) and Captains in close-up (2013): In William Shatner’s documentary and television docuseries, the actor behind original Captain James T. Kirk interviews fellow Trek Captains and Cohorts, including Chris Pin, Patrick stewart, Kate mulgrew, Jonathan frake, Scott bakula and others. Film: 96 minutes, rated TV-OG. Series: five episodes. Real: William shatner.

A Twist in the Tale by William Shatner (1999): Shatner tells crazy stories for a group of impressionable kids in this genre series, which includes episodes about ghosts, time travel, wizards and more ghosts alongside everyday terrors like starting life in a new town – with ghosts. Rated TV-PG. 15 episodes. Real: Declan Eames. With William shatner, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Emily barclay, Claudia Black, Alistair Browning.

The devil’s revenge (2019): Okay, raise your hand if you not want to watch an archaeologist (William shatner) who is “plagued by visions of a bird-like creature” discovers a portal to actual hell in a cave. Rated TV-14. 98 minutes. Director: Jared Cohn. With William Shatner, Jeri ryan, Jason brooks.

William Shatner’s Halloween Dread! (1995-2017): You have options with this horror comedy series. Reduced heads? To verify. A mad scientist who summons a little Dracula? To verify. A torture chamber with a permanent guest hidden in a luxurious Italian villa? To verify. Aliens vs. Cowboys? To verify. Enjoy. The odds vary.

Elvis from space (2020): The title speaks for itself. Rated TV-14. 91 minutes. Director: Marv Z Silverman and Tracy Wuischpard. With Georges thomas, David Heavener, Barry Ratcliffe, Diane Yang Kirk.

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