22% of U.S. adults share TV/movie streaming service spending with parents – Reuters


Stephanie Prange

New data shows that just over a fifth (22%) of American adults over the age of 18 still share spending on TV/movie streaming services with their parents.

A third (34%) share their parents’ mobile phone plan, and more than half (53%) of young adults aged 18-44 do so, according to a WhistleOut survey of more than 1,000 more adults. 18 years old.

These adults are not all profiteers. In fact, data shows that the majority of them (72%) help pay at least part of the monthly phone bill and are financially independent of their parents for the majority of their expenses (73%).

Overall, around 54% of adults over 18 in the survey still share common technology expenses with their parents, including phone plans (30%), home internet/WiFi (28%) , cable TV (18%), streaming devices (17%), smart home devices (11%) and gaming subscriptions (10%).

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About a third (30%) of Americans think it’s reasonable for adults to stay on their parents’ phone plan as long as their parents allow it, while 22% say it’s only reasonable as long as adults still live with their parents. Yet 21% say adults should get their own cell phone plans as soon as they become adults.

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