11 Best Free Movie Download Services


Video on demand is now a reality, with broadband products such as BT Vision and Virgin PictureBox giving customers access to HD movies.

Digital rentals can be made through iTunes or with a subscription to Romantic film.

But what if your budget is more Filet-O-Fish than filet mignon? Fear nothing. We found 11 sites where you can watch movies legally and for free. Here they are in reverse order of awesomeness.

11.ITV Player

Licensing issues mean that ITV player has few real movies to offer – but there are a free TV feature or two to be found among episodes of Emmerdale and Corri.

ITV player


10. Joost

Once at the forefront of streaming television, Joost is organized into licensed channels. Plenty to choose from, but there are very few gems among the selection and playback is buggy.


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9. Legal Torrents

BitTorrent can and is used for legal downloads. A good place to start your search is LegalTorrentswhich houses a small P2P selection of independent and copyright-free films.


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8. Babelgum

At the start competitor of Joost, Babelgum specializes in independent and low-budget films. A great online reader is a little let down by poor search tools and a small comprehensive selection.


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7. Google Video

Once a full-fledged video service, Google Video Now searches aggregated content from multiple sources, including YouTube. Set “Duration” in “Advanced Video Search” to “Long”.

Google Video

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6. BBC iPlayer

This needs no introduction. With an average of 4 million users per week, BBC iPlayer serves 12.5 gigabytes of TV every second. However, it only shows a small selection of recently released movies.

BBC Reader

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